Tower Ball

Build towers to destroy the falling balls! Earn cash and prestige points to upgrade your towers. Unlock new levels and new towers as you go. 

•  Start weak but get stronger as you play, power-up incrementally.

• Prestige to start from scratch with even more special power-ups.

• Spend cash to upgrade your defenses for even more destruction.

• Earn gems to unlock global upgrades affecting all turrets 


Stop the reactor from going critical, get rich! Endless incremental gameplay.

• Spend money on permanent upgrades

• Invest strategically to keep your team efficient

• Keep your workers alive

• Unlock collectable managers to multiply your rewards

• Research new tech to make even more money

 Survive as long as you can!

Idle Industry

Our first fully featured game!  An idle game with strategy! 

• Create mines and farms to feed your factories.

• Create goods with your factories from pottery to rocket ships.

• Sell the goods to upgrade your factories and mines.

• Higher level factories have increasingly complex production chains.

• Spend your energy to apply global upgrades.

Create an industry empire! 

About Wafflestack Studio


Hello!! :D

We are indie game developers who wants to share our love of games with the world. 

How did we come up with our name? Stack data structure (FILO) + developers who love waffles - BAM! Wafflestack Studio!  

Feel free to email us or join our discord for comments, suggestions, and fun. We would love to hear from you!!

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